Etched in stone transforms your existing concrete into a work of art by incorporating patterns, artwork, borders, logos and custom colors. Give your tired residential or commercial property a facelift this season. Don't rip out and replace old stained or cracked concrete without getting a free evaluation.
Etched in stone first evaluates your property and lets you know if our service is right for your site. We don't give you advice just to make a sale. If your concrete is too damaged or we can't yield the effect you want, we'll advise you if full depth demolition and replacement is needed. 
Common areas that can be enhanced are patios, driveways, sidewalks, swimming pool decks, entrance ways, lobby's, both exterior and interior. Almost any area that has existing concrete can be enhanced. We can create and design a site specific plan of 
how your project will look before we start, at no charge to you. Your concrete is our canvas; turn your vision into a beautiful reality.
Remember, before ripping out old concrete that might be stained or cracked, and installing new costly concrete, call "etched in stone". Let us show you, at no charge to you, what can be achieved with decorative concrete enhancement.
Call or email us at:

Jim Petty    (719) 838-1102       

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